Me parece muy bien este proyecto porque le brindamos las herramientas de comunicacion al pueblo, para que a traves de ella puedan expresar su metas propuestas como comunidad organizada, lo unico malo es que de nada nos sirve a los servidores publicos que en el portal tengan videos y no los podamos ver ! lo demas es excelente los felicito. Reciban nuestra sincera felicitación y apoyo a esta iniciativa. A su disposición Las Vainas Son Verdes, un espacio para la ecología desde una mirada política. Es muy necesario incorporar a los voceros ambientales a los Consejos Comunales, son los grandes ausentes o escandalosas minorías. Los invito a cruzar estas visiones y proyectos independientes y autónomos, alineados con los intereses y sueños del poder popular, del que formamos parte.

How to engage the community through web based projects

A strong community is built on projects that bring as many members together as possible. There are various ways in which you can ensure that people with different affinities take part in the same activity. One of the best methods to bring your “neighbors” at the same table is to engage them in a web-based project. Whether we are talking about supporting a product or volunteering for a good cause, you can be sure that your friends and escorts from will be happy to join. Here are the main elements guaranteed to convince them.

Build a community on social media

Nowadays, social media accounts are something just as common as having a phone or a computer. If you are trying to bring the people in your community closer together, choose the most popular websites in this area. Ask your Miami escort from to help you with your research and narrow down the selection of possible candidates. These lovely women usually have a complex web of contacts and can determine which members of the neighborhood are best suited for your project.

Once you have identified the people that you want to work with, create a webpage or a forum section for the project. Invite the others to participate and challenge them to discuss your ideas. Keep the discussion simple and friendly for now. Do not reject any possible corrections and ask everybody for an informal meeting where they can come with their escorts and discuss the proposal more in detail.

Create an engaging

Now that you have selected the date for the first community meeting, you will have to choose the location as well. Make sure that you pick a friendly environment like a park or a nice brunch restaurant. A good idea would be to ask your Miami escort to suggest a place. These beautiful women from EROS have a good taste for meeting places and she surely knows at least 5 locations that will suit your intentions perfectly.

Do not forget that you are working on a web based project, so this type of direct meetings will probably be rare from now on. The main correspondence will take place via internet, so take this opportunity to know each other a little better. Ask about their passions and share your own hobbies. You can even go a little further and include everyone’s escorts in the discussion. This will give you a better idea about what the other members are like and it will surely strengthen your community.

Get web support for your projects

Now you have an idea and you have a team. Next, it is time to get down to business. Explore the project’s potential and start by making it public on the web. Assign a task to each member of the team, according to their skills. Do not forget to include your Miami escort in the plan as well. These girls have a multitude of talents and her experience will surely come in useful.

Once the project starts rolling you can increase its popularity by promoting it to people outside the community. This will attract the attention of many investors who might be convinced to cut the allowance of their escorts and invest in your idea if it is worthy enough.