How to encourage youth participation in community life projects

It is paramount for all people in the society and policymakers to have a better understanding of the role of the young people in community development and how they can be encouraged to participate. It is important to note that when the youths are fully engaged in community activities, they get to learn and appreciate their importance as members of the society. When they are encouraged and motivated to participate in civic roles and societal life projects, the young people get an opportunity to get involved in local decision making and also leads to confidence building, skills enhancement and a sense of belonging.


Motivations for youth participation

Motivations come as a result of engaging in more practical life projects in the society such as the need to enhance their skills and also get some recognition. Encouraging the young people and developing their skills can be done by the members of the society and various organizations through providing enough participation opportunities that will finally lead them to engage in the projects. Most children and teens want real opportunities that allow them to get creative and also enjoy their time. Therefore, this can be done by the use of street theaters, video and other events that are more focused on the youths as this inspires them to effectively partake in society development activities.


Obstacles to youth engagement that should be avoided

Regardless of the motivations, various hindrances inhibit and discourage the children from getting active in local projects. This includes; lack of awareness of opportunities, lack of diversity, mistreatment of teens on the basis of their age and the fear by some adolescent’s to speak out and let their thoughts known.


Therefore, it is important for locals to let the young people understand that their participation will generally make a significant difference in the society and also change some things that they are not pleased with.